A Singular vision that leads a diverse company

Over the last 25 years, Sterling Seafood Corp. has grown to become one the top importers of frozen seafood in the U.S. While headquartered in New Jersey since 1989, Sterling Seafood Corp. imports and distributes seafood all over the United States.

At Sterling we take pride in our growth and over the past decades we have come to carry a widely diverse product line developed to cater to our equally diverse customer base. We are currently importing both fish and shrimp from all over India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei as well as areas of South America.

Sterling Seafood Corp. is dedicated to providing the highest quality seafood and service with our focus on continuous improvement. We have devoted much time and effort towards the establishment of lasting relationships with each of our many suppliers and the quality of our product is our main concern.

The desire for continuous improvement serves as our incentive to introduce new products to the market. It also drives us to build relationships with new customers, and to maintain enduring relationships with our existing ones.

Sterling Seafood Corp. looks forward to many more years of building relationships and meeting the needs of our customers.

HACCP Compliance

The Industry's highest standard

Sterling is committed to meeting the demands of the constantly changing world of food quality and food safety. That means we are consistently educating ourselves not only to the well known Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program and its requirements, to which we are 100% compliant, but we also look to the future.

As the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is phased into the U.S., Sterling has already taken steps to instill these anticipated changes with our suppliers and will continue to do. Specifically we conduct annual reviews of each of our suppliers and pinpoint areas of vulnerability or deficiencies to see what can be improved and the best way to accomplish this. Included in the FSMA are the areas of raw material sourcing, processing, labeling, storage and handling.